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Latitude 7285: Big Sur with OpenCore?

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This type of low-power Kaby Lake laptop is fully compatible with Big Sur. The 2017 MacBook10,1 was based on that same kind of hardware platform. Compile the list of hardware components, look for appropriate kexts and follow the OpenCore guidance published at Dortania for mobile Kaby Lake platforms.


Re: Intel wireless, consult the OpenIntel/Wireless itlwm Github repo.

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Looking to the dxxdiag result I saw Alps Touchpad but I'm not sure it's a I2C touchpad or a PS2 Touchpad.

Windows device manager says HID compliant mouse on I2C HID Device but in the dxdiag the hid compliant mouse is located in ps2

Ethernet is a Realteck usb-c adaptater : RTL8153 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter


Wifi looks compatible 😃 the 8265 isin the  MVM Gen 1 (IWM) compatibility tab from openintelwireless.github.io


I know how to get a usb with big sur on it but I don't know how to configure OC for my latitude


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Have you try to see if it'll boot to the installer?

The rest can be tweak once MacOS is installed.


Looking at your kexts folder, you'll need voodoops2Controller for keyboard

If you have I2C touchpad, adding voodooI2CHID is not enough, you'll need to add VoodooI2C as well.

RealtekRTL8111.kext is for internal Ethernet, not sure you'll need it for the external USB-C adapter. Should be usb based and should work OOB.

Well only one way to know is to check it after you have successfully install and check IOReg

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