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Dell Precision 7710: problem in awake from sleep or turning on screen


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thanks to Jake Lo, I install macOs big sur using this efi.

all thing is working except sleep.

after waking from sleep, the screen getting power on but showing nothing and just a black screen with low light.

if I press the Esc key (maybe other keys also work) multiple times I have a chance to get the screen on and go to macOS. but if I press the Esc key just before entering the password and login, the screen goes black again.

my laptop is Dell 7710, 17 inch and efi provided is for 7510 (15 inch version of my laptopp) and dedicated graphic is fire pro W5170m but it disabled via SSDT patching.

another difference is I am using intel WIFI card and it's working using itlwm kext and heliport.(without using it also problem is exist)
another maybe important point is this problem is not just for waking from sleep. this problem is also for turning display off.

i try to avoid sleep issue by enabling "prevent computer from sleeping when the display is off" in preference but the problem also exist if just screen turning off.

please help me to solve this issue.

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You might have to fully disable the dgpu. Go to the BIOS Boot Option

Create a new boot option, call it DVMT or whatever you like

Point it to /EFI/Boot/DVMT/Bootx64.efi

Save and reboot, press F12

Select the new boot option DVMT or whatever you assign it

At the grub shell, select Option 1 for "#1 iGPU-only configuration. No dGPU. "

You can restore if with Option 2 if you decide to enable it for Windows.

The script is tailored for Precision 7510 / 7710 since they have the same BIOS 

Test to see if that works, it works for my 7510. Place system to sleep over night by closing lid, woke it up the next day without an issue.

It might take a couple of second for screen to show or you could try tapping the ESC key.

Darkwake =No and igfxonln=1 are already set on the boot arg. You could try different darkwake value to see if the screen will wakeup faster.

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can you give me a clue to solve this problem?

Thank You in Advance.

dell 7510 and 7710 are different in usb count and pcie slot.

is this important?

is this possible using DVMT method just disable nvidia gpu and not amd?

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In that case you should generate your own USBPorts with Hackintool. It's one of the causes of sleep /wake issue.

Remove my kext and enable USBInjectall, then use Hackintool.

No I checked the IOReg file, it's definitely disabled the dgpu.

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