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DELL Latitude E6440 Big Sur problems


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My Laptop: Latitude E6440

CPU: Intel i7-4600M

GPU: Intel Graphics HD 4600 (with 1920x1080 screen)

Wi-Fi: DW1550 (BCM94352HMB)

macOS Version: 11.3 (20E232)

OpenCore Version: 0.6.6


Hi Guys, I used to build EFI according to Dortania's OpenCore guide

It works on Catalina but doesn't work on Big Sur

I tried to use Jake Lo's E7440_OC_0.6.6 and replaced SSDT-EC.aml, SSDT-HPET.aml, SSDT-PLUG.aml inside

These aml files are created by SSDTTime


Fortunately I completed the installation

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Audio, USB3.0 and DVD work very good

TouchPad also work great but "More Gestures" doesn't work

Camera, SD Card Reader,Fingerprint recognition doesn't work

The battery always notices "Service Recommended"

These will not pose too much of a problem

But it would be better if it can be solved


Another problem

Very lagging when running some app like the built-in games "Chess"

I also tested "Minecraft". The situation is not that bad, but not as good as running under Windows

Screen Shot 2021-05-08 at 1.03.33 PM.png

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Your setup looks Ok from a graphics acceleration and CPU power management point of view. However, your setup should be cleaned up to avoid all possible confusion or errors on the Keyboard/Touchpad (i.e. PS2 controller) front as well as the USB front:

  1. your kexts folder contains 3 x PS2 controller kexts but you only use one, which is correct. The kext you want for an E6440 is VoodooPS2Controller R6 compiled by Bronxteck posted here in Dr Hurt's dedicated Alps controller thread. I would delete/suppress the other kexts from the kexts folder and your OC config.
  2. you've got USBInjectAll kext and a SSDT-UIAC-E7440 patched table + a USBPorts_E7440 kext. I would refrain from re-using E7440 stuff that may not apply to the E6440 and  reboot with only USBInjectAll in order to subsequently generate your own E6440 USB table and kext with Hackintool app. You probably know this already but you use either USBInjectAll + SSDT-UIAC table or generated USBPorts kext.
  3. you do not rename EHCx USB2 controllers to EH0x as is normally required since El Capitan. Can't remember if the E6440 USB2 ports still operate without the renaming but I certainly saw both EHC1 and EHC2 controllers in your posted IOReg extract. All could be Ok on that front.



  • given that you're injected a SSDT-EC table that defines a (fake) EC device, you do not need to rename ECDV to EC in your OC config; I would get rid of that ACPI patch
  • mobile HD4600 does not usually require fbmem/stolenmem/portcount/etc. patches as currently defined in your OC config. I would have expected the fake id + layout id + HDMI connector patch to suffice (+ patches for the other connectors/ports if you use a docking station). The cursormem patch is only required if you experience glitches but I never did when I had my E6440. In addition, there is no need to inject values that are identical to the vanilla/default arrangement of the selected framebuffer layout; for instance, you inject a portcount=4 property to 4 x port layout 0x0a260006; that's unnecessary though it does no harm of course...
  • AppleCpuPmCfgLock is the AICPUPM patch applicable to Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge platforms; it does not apply to your Haswell laptop (for which CPU power management is handled by the kernel so AppleXcpmCfgLock patch suffices) and you can therefore disable it (though it does no harm).
  • -no_compat_check boot arg is unnecessary with SMBIOS MacBookPro11,1 (it's a platform supported by Big Sur) and will prevent you from getting updates.


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You inject a subsystem-vendor-id property for the SD card reader; afaik, that's not necessary, the SD card reader of all my E6220/E6230/E6440/E7250 having perfectly worked with just the compatible statement (the other properties being cosmetic for reporting in SysInfo). As such, try and remove that property injection from your OC config.


See this thread for details:




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