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Dell D630 Intel - Lion 10.7.4


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Thanks to you guys I have my Dell D630 with Lion 10.7.4.

The only problem is that it Sleeps and i have to shut it down completly and boot again.

Can someone help me please?


Thank you!


Hi karpais:


Here you go:




But just one additional tweak that makes wake from sleep even quicker. In the BIOS you can set that the password you have set does not have to be entered when waking - thus saving a few seconds and you interaction when you lift the lid - the guide above needs this tweak adding - picked this bit of advice from bronxteck from memory.



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Nope, my D630 Intel graphics goes to sleep and wakes up just fine under Lion 10.7.4 (and I'm not using the BIOS password fix).


Karpais, did you disable hibernation (option 2, EDP fix menu)?

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