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Precision 5510: degraded performance when running on mains

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Hi, my system is Dell Precision 5510

BIOS version 1.16.1

i5 6440HQ




I'm using the bootpack of @Jake Lo, everything works great so far. Excepts the performance when on battery is much better than when charger is plugged in.

When running on mains:



When running on battery:




Even the VMWare Fusion runs much better on battery (uses all cores). While plugged in, seems like it uses only one core for the VM and it's super slow.

When charger is unplugged, the battery indicator also turns red and says it's low (in fact it's 100%). The performance after unplugging the charger remains the same, I have to reboot on battery to have the best performance.


I couldn't figure out what's wrong, please help me out. Thank you very much!


What I have tried (each line is a separate attempt):

  • make a new CPUFriendDataProvider.kext
  • disable CPUFriendDataProvider.kext
  • disable CPUFriend.kext
  • disable SMCBattery
  • messing around with BIOS settings
  • tried ssdtPRGen

Nothing worked so far. I also notice the number of "P-States" reported by the AppleIntelInfo is quite low, ranging from 6-10 speed steps. The CPU does run at 3.2GHz boost tho.



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Sounds more like some ACPI tuning is required around the battery and/or AC devices. Is it the pack from this guide?


Skylake i5-6440HQ runs @2.60GHz with Turbo boost up to 3.50GHz, depending on core usage: 3.50GHz (1 core), 3.30GHz (2 cores), 3.10GHz (3 and 4 cores).

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Can you extract your DSDT with maciASL and post it?


You run latest BIOS 1.16.1 of March 2021 when Jake ran with BIOS 1.15.0 when he posted his guide back in February. Out of interest, I'd try to downgrade BIOS, you never know... But, Jake may tune in on the matter and he'll be able to assist you a lot better given that I've no such laptop whilst he does.

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Hi Hervé, thank you for your time and the suggestions. Unfortunately, it didn't work too.

I have looked into those custom ACPIs and googled them before posting this thread to find anything relates to power control or battery, but to my limited knowledge about ACPI they don't. So I just leave them as-is. Removed the dGPU tho.

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