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D430 - Possible sleep problem


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Lion is running well on my D430. Used the July 12th bootpack and EDP v396. I even have WIFI working after getting and installing IO80211Family.kext.


If I close the lid of the laptop, in essence putting it to sleep, when I open the lid and as the computer "wakes" I end up getting a kernel panic.


I have confirmed that I have a sleep kext in /Extra. I've rerun myHack and chose the option under the fixes section to disable the hibernation file (the verbiage said something about one of the necessary steps to get sleep working.) Are there any other settings in the BIOS or somewhere else that I need make to get this to work?


Overall I am happy with Lion on that old Core 2 Duo machine!



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Yes, those D4x0 models need specific BIOS settings to avoid KP at wake from sleep. It's well documented on "Tweaks" pages of this site, but basically, you need to do 2 things in the BIOS:

1) set a System password

2) set password bypass on reboot/resume


It's a bit annoying on initial switch on, but afterwards, no need of the password and you can put the lappy to sleep & wake without problems.

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