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Latitude 7310 - Journey to Catalina

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Thanks Jake, Herve for the help.


I went ahead and updated to Big Sur... and guess it wasn't a wise move. Ethernet is back to not working once again. Im not sure where to start. 


Jake: I removed the TYPE-C kext you provided previously, and added TPDX. Attaching latest IORegistry extract. Hope you can point me in the right direction.





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Update: I am also now realising that jack fix does not work on Big Sur... Maybe codecCommander does not work on BigSur?

Update 2: I am now beginning to suspect my ethernet issues are due to broken XHCI in Big Sur. When i boot with the dock plugged in, ethernet port is reported in system profiler. When I unplug and replug, the port no longer appears... 


Is there a known fix for this issue? i have already disabled xhciport limit quirk and mapped my usb ports in catalina

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why did you remove SSDT-TYPEC? This is for the USB-C / TB port..might not be hot pluggable.

The SSDT-TPDX is for the I2C touchpad.

Sound like the USB-C is not hot pluggable. It only works on boot up.


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Thanks Jake. Apologies, I misunderstood the purpose for TYPE-C and TPDX. 


I have restored both files, and have confirmed the following findings: 


1) your observation is spot on again! hotplug on USB C is broken. When I retried the hub with a Type C to Type A usb cable, ethernet detection works as expected like in Catalina.


Is there any way to fix this in Big Sur?


When using USB A port after hot plug: 



When using USB C port after hot plug: 




2) TPDX.aml seems to be breaking touchpad functionality (once I click on a window, it can't let go). During boot, system also generates alot of repeated text on screen. Once removed, the text does not show up in verbose anymore. 


Also, when checked, it was still running in polling mode, instead of interrupt.


Not sure if this helps, but this is what I have from an old tool: 



Thanks again for your help. Really appreciate it very much

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Hi everyone, 


Hoping someone will have some time to help me out with the USB C hotplug issues on Big Sur, and trackpad running on polling instead of interrupt. 


I've also been wondering if my Power Management settings have been configured correctly, because battery life is far worse than what I get on windows. Is the attached intel power gadget indicative of anything? This graph is while system is idle, no applications running. 


Prior to this, I did follow dortania's guide on configuring Power Management, and custom SSDT generated for it.


Thanks for the help




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