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Dell Latitude 5501: no USB and black screen in BigSur


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Laptop specs:

  • BIOS v1.6.1
  • Intel 300 Series chipset
  • Intel 9th gen Coffee Lake 6-core i7-9850H CPU @2.60GHz
  • Intel UHD 630 graphics
  • 15.3" FHD 1920x1080 LCD
  • Hynix 32GB DDR4-2666 RAM
  • Intel 1TB SSDPEKKF010T8 NVMe SSD
  • Realtek RTS525A card reader (PCIe)
  • Intel I-219LM Gigabit Ethernet
  • Intel Wireless-AC 9560 160MHz Wireless/Bluetooth
  • Realtek ALC236 audio
  • Microdia camera (USB-internal)
  • Alps I2C touchpad 


Got into Catalina 10.15.7 with OC 0.7 but not any USB Port working !!!

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  • Administrators
  • No need for the AppleCpuPmCfgLock kernel patch; that for 2nd gen Sandy Bridge and 3rd gen Ivy Bridge platforms.
  • You opted for SSDT-EC table instead of SSDT-EC-USBX table as recommended in Dortania's documentation. Dortania does state that SSDT-EC is for Broadwell and older systems when SSDT-EC-USBX is for Skylake and later. Being a Coffee Lake platform, your laptop falls into the 2nd category.
  • UHD630 iGPU of i7-9850H carries native id 0x3E9B. As such, no need to inject that exact same device-id through OpenCore. It does no harm of course.
  • MacBookPro16,4 may not be the correct or best SMBIOS to use though MBP16,1/MBP16,4 are 9th gen Coffee Lake with UHD 630 graphics. You could try MacBookPro15,1 or MacBookPro15,3 instead.
  • Absolutely no need for the -no_compat_check boot arg in NVRAM. That's for systems using an officially unsupported SMBIOS in a given macOS version. Not the case here, whether you use MBP15,x or MBP16,x SMBIOS. The boot-arg will do no harm but will block all macOS update offers.
  • If you keep getting back screen, do experiment with other CFL mobile framebuffer layouts such as those listed in the https://github.com/acidanthera/WhateverGreen/blob/master/Manual/FAQ.IntelHD.en.md. You may also refer to the suggestions provided in Clover Configurator app. I've never Hackintoshed any Coffee Lake laptop so I don't know how accurate these are but 2018 8th gen CFL MBP15,1 certainly uses layout 0x3E0B0006:



You've linked to the Dortania documentation but it appears you did not followed it thoroughly. I suggest you do so using the section written for the Coffee Lake laptops:


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now I have access to macOS BigSur, but a rather silly error occurs

when I boot into macOS no error occurred and Black Screen

but when I pressed 'Esc' then it makes a noise

I think  it in Login Screen and after 5-7 tries I got in BigSur

The next boot still has the same error !!!

This is my EFI EFI.rar


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