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DX58so2 Big Sur


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I have Catalina installed on my legacy boot DX5802 board.


For an unknown reason, I can't seem to use Clover past release 5122


I was trying to build a legacy boot system to boot Big Sur (at least)...


I had gotten it to boot with OC, but with a super long delay and lots of strange error messages...


What is the best way to get Big Sur to boot on this machine?


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you can run the config validator to see what needs to be fixed in your config. should tell you the errors. then you look in the sample config to see how it is now implemented as things change in OC on a monthly basis. make sure all acidanthera kexts are also updated with the same version of OC that is installed. simpler to update to newest stuff since it gets hard tracking what goes with what version.

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