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D630 Broadcom Airport card trouble after shutdown


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I've got a D630 with Intel graphics and Broadcom wireless, OSX 10.6.7. Been running fine for months; in fact, I've not shut it down in I don't know how long.


This afternoon I shut down to move to another part of the house to work and when I booted up, the airport card seems to be recognized but I can't turn it on.


I re-ran edptools but no go.


The only thing I can think of that I might have changed before shutting down was several weeks ago I upgraded my version of splashtop (a remote control program for android tablet). I do recall getting some errors when it installed related to certain kexts (I can't remember), but everything ran ok after install. Perhaps it tried to update kexts related to the airport card?


Any ideas? What kexts might I recopy to repair the airport card?




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Dear tb,


Try to repair permission with disk utility and also run myfix full mode.




Thanks for the advice. I repaired permissions with disk utility and also ran myfix full mode. While myfix was running I got two messages:


System extension cannot be used:

/System/Library/Extensions/ALC8xxHDA.kext was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it or contact the products vendor for an update.


The second message was the same except the kext referenced was /System/Library/Extensions/HDAEnabler888.kext


So I'm thinking I need to find D630-friendly versions of these kexts, right?


Thanks again!

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