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Dell E6320 with Intel i7-2640M: help installing High Sierra


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i wanted to start playing with macOS and i managed to install Sierra on my old Dell E6320.

I followed this guide:


even my E6320 was not listed in the Bootpacks section I managed to have it up and running, so amazing guide guys!!


The issue is that, now that I tried High Sierra, I cannot make it work.

I tried different EFIs around the place. But simple does not install/upgrade.

Here the EFI that works (Sierra only)


I did try and modify this EFI (the CLOVER/config.plist) as explained in "NOTE1: Updating the Sierra Bootpack to be use for High Sierra unless there's a High Sierra bootpack already" of the guide... but no success with it.

I have also tried this other EFI



Can anyone here, either fix my current EFI_Sierra or give me a valid High Sierra for the dell e6320 (remember is the i7 version).


Thanks a lot for the help!

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Hi Jake,

thanks for helping! 

The error comes once i go through the "initial" installation (when i choose language, destination HDD, etc.) and it says it is going to reboot). It restarts  (this time i choose from the destination HDD to boot from) and I after a moment I get a "macOS could not be installed on your computer" screen.

Regarding the DSDT.aml, it can be that i grab it from the E6220 bootpack, since the forums indicate that both computers (E6220 and mine - E6320 - are quite similar), but this i do not recall, since the Sierra EFI i put together some time ago.

For the "trying HS" EFI, i got some other guys clover folder (here in the forum) that was working for him. Shall i edit the DSDT then?

I am sure it will help if i provide a log of the installation. I tried running clover in verbose mode, but the messages vanished from the screen quite fast (and the "macOS could not be installed on your computer" appeared)....


PS: maybe useful information: when i installed Sierra i remember it took quite some time to first reboot (some good 10 minutes or more), during the High Sierra installation it says something  like "installing... wait 3 minutes" and it reboots even faster....looks to me it is not doing much...





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Ok we should patch your own DSDT instead of using one from another computer. Check your EFI/Clover/ACPI/Origin folder. Make sure it's empty. Boot to Clover, at the GUI, press F4.

Continue booting to Sierra. Check the Origin folder, it should be populated now. Compress and attach the Origin folder here

Also while you're on Sierra, download and run IORegistryExplorer.app v2.1, not 3.0

Run it, save it, compress it and attach it here as well

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I would invite you too grab the bootpack I posted in my E6220 Mojave guide before I sold the laptop. I re-worked the entire ACPI patches through 5 x SSDT rather than a patched DSDT. SSDT-IMEI, SSDT-PNLF and SSDT-XOSI are all pre-made readily-available tables, only the SSDT-PM is obviously specific to the i5-2520M CPU that was fitted to my E6220. SSDT-Q66 is a table I built to take care of brightness keys and should be applicable to the E6320 too. For your i7-2640M CPU, you should generate your own CPU power management table with Pike R Alpha's well-known script but here's a pre-made one:



The Clover config is re-usable on the E6320 but a few adjustments are expected to be required on the properties injection part because I did add some cosmetic info that were specific to ExpressCard slot or mini-PCIe slots at their exact IO location. These locations may differ on the E6320 but this can be adjusted once you've provided an extracted IOReg. Rest assured that the properties injected in the E6220 config will not interfere or cause issues.


On the kexts front, all is re-usable too except the USBPorts which was specifically built for thew E6220. I expect you'd have to build your own through Hackintool app. Meantime, you would probably need to use USBInjectAll kext as a temporary replacement.

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