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D620 (nVidia Quadro 1440x900) can't boot with USB


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I am trying last two weeks to install Lion on Dell Latitude D620 but I stuck on beginning always. During USB boot I just got a black screen.



D620 BIOS ver A08 (04/13/2007)

CPU Core Duo T2400, 1.84GHz



nVidia Quadro NVS 110M, 64MB, 1440x900



I have followed instruction from this site to make USB via myHack ver 3.1.2 and use installESD.dmg for LION, than replace EXTRA folder with EXTRA from file Dell_Latitude_D620-nvidia-lion.zip, and run myFix (FULL) after.


You can see video of booting up here:


Any idea what is wrong and how to boot up Lion?

Thank you.

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You have an Intel T2400, i.e. a Core Duo CPU. Lion needs Core 2 Duo minimal...


Either you upgrade to a C2D (eg: T7200/7400/7600 for instance), provided it is supported in your D620 (I'm starting to have doubts for some D620 these days) or you limit yourself to Snow Leopard.


The reason why I say that I'm starting to have doubts with C2D in some D620 is because another forum member is not able to upgrade his D620 to C2D. He's on a similar CPU to yours but he says a T5xx0 does not fit in. I, for one, have a C2D T7200 2.0GHz in my D620 and it's a fully legitimate D620.


When I look at the Intel doc, I see:

T2400 -> socket PBGA479, PPGA478

T5500 -> socket PBGA479, PPGA478

T7200 -> socket PBGA479, PPGA478


In other words, the same! So go figure...

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Haaaa, that'll explain the issue!


T2400 and T7200/T7400/T7600 are FSB667 Socket M CPUs, whilst some T5xx0 FSB667 are either Socket M or Socket P:

- T5500/T5600 -> Socket M

- T5250/T5450/T550/T5750/T5850 -> Socket P


T5200/T5300 are socket M but FSB533 and should therefore be avoided in FSB667 D620 (they can probably be overclocked with a pinmod to operate at FSB667, which may be nice on a T5300 -> 2.16GHz, but watch for T°!). Some other T5xx0 are also FSB800.. Intel had fun with that particular family!


Has to be known to avoid compatibility problems!


The best is to opt for the T7x00 FSB667 models (higher frequencies + bigger L2 cache).

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