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HP Z240 Monterey beta

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Hi everyone,


I successfully installed Monterey beta 5 through software update, after cloning my Big Sur SSD into an internal APFS Volume into the standard HDD 7200rpm in the HP Z240 desktop in signature.

I used the sudo /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Seeding.framework/Versions/A/Resources/seedutil enroll DeveloperSeed to download the latest beta.

I had to add -igfxmlr as boot arg to complete the installation.


Overall it seems quite good, despite some issues:

- bluetooth is not working (even with BlueToolFixup)

- wifi is not working (but 1820A is not so stable both for windows and big sur)

- PCI-e SSD is not detected 

- USB front ports are not detected (probably I should rebuild the usbports.kext).




Schermata 2021-08-20 alle 15.35.29.png

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Update: 25th August 2021


I successfully remapped the usb ports, so I managed to bring back to life USB's and Bluetooth (removing BluetoothInjector and adding BlueToolFixup).

Internal drives are now fully visible (NVMe SSD too)

1820A Wireless is not working at all



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@Hervé: I continue here my dissertation about wifi M.2 cards

In this machine I'm using a BCM94350ZAE (1820A) with random "shutdown" issues both in Big Sur (I mean, with no apparent reason I have a grey wifi icon, with wifi apparent enabled, even after reboots and NVRAM resets) and window: should I consider it deprecated?


Thanks a lot

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Not at all, I still used mine in Big Sur and it worked perfectly on the wireless side with the appropriate settings detailed in our BCM4350 guide. It’s the Bluetooth that kept giving me trouble so I eventually switched to a BCM94360NG which worked 100% and OOB though I found it’s wifi performance poorer than that of the DW1820A.


As long as you inject the aspm related property, the DW1820A should work fine on the wireless side.


However, if your card is also troublesome in Windows, you must consider a potential hardware-related issue (bad connection in the slot, defective card, broken antenna connectors, etc.).

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I'm on the opposite side of the issue: bluetooth works lovely but wifi is giving me lots of troubles. I agree with your idea of a hardware-related issue.


In this scenario, I tried switching to an intel based M.2 card that I had here from a laptop substitution: BT and WiFi (with AirportItwlm) are quite good, despite the lack of Airdrop. This last sentence is a small off-topic, since I'm writing about intel wifi in big sur. I will test it also in Monterey

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You can decide by yourself which one is what you need:


- OC 0.7.2 - Big Sur ready - DW 1820A

OC 0.7.2 - Big Sur ready - Intel Wireless AC 7265

- OC 0.7.2 - Monterey ready - DW 1820A (NOT FULLY TESTED!)


Keep in mind that I'm not as expert as admins..so I will not so able to answer to specific issues.


IMPORTANT: remember to use GenSMBIOS to change serials, MLB, UUID, etc.



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i tried it today also installled amd rx580.

stucked on line:


any advise?


my cpu is i5 6600

now I ebabled  the internal igpu from BIOS and the pc dosnt open any signal even when changing the cables from AMD to Integrated...and i only hear a single beep 

is there anyway to disable the igpu without going to BIOS (As i can not due to no signal on screen)

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Update: 31st August 2021


macOS Monterey beta 6

Installed correctly through software update.

I moved through an Intel based Wireless M.2 card (AC-7265) which works good (apart airdrop, unfortunately). Wi-Fi is ok, bluetooth has severe problems with non-Apple devices (especially wireless earphones).


@aelsharawi: as previously mentioned, I'm not such an expert. I suggest you to follow dortania's guides about opencore tuning and dGPU installation.





Schermata 2021-08-31 alle 11.50.35.png

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