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Looking for an complete ISO for a OSX on Dell D630 / Intel


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Hey Guys,


I have OSx 10.5 and 10.6.3 and have tried multiple forums and processes to get my D630 to work. It always even before the OS is installed.


I have read about everyone's success and would like to benefit from it. :) Would someone be willing to take thier successful image and create me an ISO to download?


Then I can burn your ISO onto my D630 and be running.


You help is really appreciated, Big Thanks!



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Not that simple... There are several D630 models. Which one do you have? nVidia graphics, Intel graphics, which screen resolution?


You appear to have legitimate Leopard + Snow Leopard retail versions, so installation of SL should be a piece of cake (I myself started and reached success with Retail SL 10.6.3). All you need to do is follow rigorously the process detailed in EDP pages od this site and ensure you use the bootpack that corresponds to your model.

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