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Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7: no longer booting macOS


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Please help...


Gigabyte Z370, 64 gig RAM, 9900k CPU, Radeon 580

Working stable for years...


Suddenly my desktop stopped booting into OS X...

Initial determination, it was a dead power supply.

Swapped out power supply




System boots only for around 5-6 mins.

Thought it was thermal issue with AIO Corsair H60

replaced that




System still only boots for around 5-6 mins

did clean install to SSD (it was able to install this for some reason)




Still only booting for around 5-6 mins


Testing RAM now...


Unsure what else to do...


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What do you mean by "only boots for around 5-6mins"? Does the computer:

  1. complete the boot, reach the macOS desktop and then fail/crash/freeze after 5 to 6 mins?
  2. fails to complete the boot after waiting for 5 to 6 mins?

Please describe the issue in details. Logs, copy of bootloader EFI folder, details of last action before the problem 1st occurred, etc. would be most useful if you want any sort of troubleshooting and assistance.

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