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Dell Inspiron 15 5558: how to install macOS ?


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When considering installing macOS on a PC, the 1st and essential step is to fully identify the hardware; that's what the Dortania guidance refers to as "Know your hardware". KYH.jpg


Ok for your audio codec (Realtek ALC255) and wireless card (Intel Wireless-AC 3160) but you need to identify the exact nature/model of Touchpad (Alps, Elan, Synaptics, etc.) and Ethernet/LAN controller (Realtek is just the manufacturer). This is mandatory to subsequently select the appropriate drivers. Various ways to achieve this:

  • consult the manufacturer's documentation, including driver information
  • Windows Device Manager (to identify Vendor + Device ids of hardware components)
  • report from hardware information/auditing tools (such as DxDiag or otherwise)


This being said, note that this Broadwell laptop is perfectly capable to run all recent versions of macOS. Most components are compatible but some may not be or may not be useable. I'm thinking especially about the nVidia GeForce 920M dGPU which, although compatible on paper since it's built on a Kepler chipset, may not be used (eg: possible black screen when running only on dGPU, no support for Optimus under macOS). We have a fairly detailed Hardware Technical Info section, it should be most useful that you consult it for guidance.


With regards to creating a macOS USB installer, you'll find thorough details in all the recent installation guides we've posted in our Guides section (it's dedicated to that purpose and only to that).


If you do not have access to a Mac or a Hack, you may consider building your USB installer from a VM or from Windows; You'll find info on the latter in our FAQ section which I invite you to consult to begin with.


Finally, there are existing threads about that Inspiron 15 5558 model in this very section; I invite you to consult them too.

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