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Dell XPS 15 9500 (i7-10875H): Big Sur with OpenCore


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Hi guys,


Here is my update. Following this guide (https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/config-laptop.plist/coffee-lake-plus.html) I created all required SSDTs. System boots fine. Still no full trackpad functions (works just like a normal mouse, no gestures). I tried to use VoodoI2C+VoodooI2CHID kexts, but I get kernel panic. So right now I'm using just VoodooPS2Controller kext. Brightness is not working (no brightness slider in settings, and brightness keys are not working too). Sleep is not working. When I force it to sleep, it doesn't actually go to sleep - screen goes blank, but the system is still on. When I try to "wake" it up - nothing, just blank screen. I have to reboot. I am attaching my current EFI folder, original DSDT, ACPI Paths file (for some system devices). Any ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Best regards.

EFI.zip DSDT_ACPI_Paths.zip

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post ioreg please , use this SSDT .
The choice of SSDTs is not accidental, I know DELL machines and all these SSDTs are needed. add rename in config for SSDT GPRW and SSDT XOSI.
SSDT GPRW and SSDT PMCR they help the laptop sleep although this also depends on other factors



For the trackpad as well as Ioreg I would need to know the precise model, if ALPS are developing a Kext in these days, but now gestures work, only the trackpad buttons are missing

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Here is my IOReg.


I added rename for SSDT XOSI, but there is no patch rename for GPRW. Where do I get this? Attaching config.plist as well.


Best regards.



Which device is the touch pad? Searching any of the DeviceIDs does not tell who's the manufacturer.


And here are two more screenshots from AIDA64 on the touchpad device.




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