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Run windows application on OSX with ease


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Want to be able to run Windows applications on Mac OS X without a virtual machine?

Apple computer users have used virtual machines programs such as Parallels Desktop and VMWare Fusion to run Windows on their machines for ages now. Apple even implemented a feature called Bootcamp so that Mac users can install Windows on a second partition of their storage drive and boot up to it as a second operating system. But, what if you want to run Windows’ .exe programs directly from your Mac operating system? This has been impossible until now. In the Mac App Store, you can download an application called WinOnX. This application doesn’t require you to have any instance of Windows on your computer. Instead, you can download .exe (executable) applications to run directly from this program virtually. So in simpler words: you can run Windows applications on your Mac computer without Windows installed.




Here’s how:


Download WinOnX from the Mac App Store. It will cost you $4.99. After downloading WinOnX, find a .exe program that you wish to run, for example, Mozilla Firefox for Windows and download it. Once it downloads, you can double-click it to run it like you could with any .app application on your Mac computer. WinOnX will run you through installing and using the Windows application like you would on Windows, only on your Mac instead. Running Firefox for Windows on your Mac will yield this look:




This option will cost you some money, but it uses a lot less disk space for Mac users. If you have a solid state drive like me, you may select this option instead of dual booting in order to save storage drive space. Redmond Pie recommends that you just buy a new PC to install Windows programs on, because Mac is beautiful on its own.


Name: WinOnX

Price: $4.99

Version: 1.0.1

Developer: Hisham El-Emam – NES Software

Editor’s Rating:  3/5


Alternatively, you can try the free application: WineBottler.

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