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Latitude 5480: Can't Boot after shut down


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I erased the disk, and made a fresh install of Monterey 12.0.1, everything went smoothly and I booted to the OS, everything seemed to work properly, then I decided to copy my EFI from the USB to the Internal Disk, I restarted the machine, then I got a black screen

Booting from the USB with verbose mode I get this :


I Have no clue what happened

(I also think that the boot entry is wrong or something)





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@Jake Lo

Done !

I somehow managed to boot to the OS using OC, then I disabled FireVault, Rebooted into Clover and now everything works like charm !!!

The system is super fast and responsive, The stable is much better than the Beta versions.

Literally every single thing is working, every port every piece of hardware but except 3 Things 

Bluetooth detects other devices but almost doesn't work at all

Brightness Keys (F11 and F12)

Can't control the fans, SMCSuperIO.kext doesn't work 


Again, thank you Jake for helping, very appreciated


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it didn't work, also the F6 and B aren't doing anything now.

I have a question that is out of subject but, why is my battery percentage so wrong, it can drop from 100% to 1% in 30 minutes, but last for an extra 4 hours !

I don't even know when to charge it, also those wrong readings are found on the BIOS too, what is the cause ? charging to 100%, discharging to 0% and all the methods don't work

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