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How would I Hackintosh a Dell latitude E5400?


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Welcome to OSXL!


1st thing would be to post the system's full spec. Then let use know what version of MacOS re you trying to install

Specs needed:


Audio Codec

Touchpad type

Wifi / BT model


SD card reader if there's one

Display full resolution

BIOS version

If you have Windows install, probably easiest it to post the output of dxdiag.exe

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Latitude E5400/E5500 is an old Core2Duo laptop quite similar to old E6400 (Intel graphics) model. Those are fitted with Series 4 chipset graphics, i.e. Intel GMA 4500MHD which is totally unsupported. Lack of graphics acceleration makes this old laptop totally unsuitable as a Hackintosh.


1st thing to do when considering running OS X/macOS on a PC is gather the hardware specs and check if they're compatible/supported, the key elements being CPU and GPU.


See here:





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