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I can't access any of the articles on homepage


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Must be a problem at your end. Verified access from 3 x different Hacks under High Sierra/Big Sur/Monterey logged in and logged out, 2 x different Apple Macs (Ok, all 5 on same home network) and from 2 x different iPhones, each on a different 4G telco/network (wifi disabled). Not a single issue for the given pages. Try and clear your browser cache maybe.

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That's why I checked logged in and logged out. Made no difference. I've checked the forum/articles permissions settings and all appears in order.


Tested again on my E7270:

  1. cleared Safari cache
  2. went to OSXL Home page
  3. can access both of there above articles







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@Hervé as you can see in attached screenshots, there is an error 500 in console and network (in Brave and Safari). Since that is an internal server error I can't help you more than this. :(


I just noticed one thing when I am not logged in and page works (last screenshot). There is an additional line in console: "Service worker installed". Address is "index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=serviceworker&v=77d9e467eb1638513812&type=front". I am not sure if it helps.


btw. I always have at least 5 browsers (Safari, Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox) on every computer that I have, since I constantly test my websites (I am a web developer). I am mostly using private/incognito for testing in order to avoid any caching issues.











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Ok, I created a temp test account and was able to reproduce the problem. However, after going through the set of sections Articles/Guides/News/OSXL, I was able to access all Articles without further actions.



However, no such chance with News and an error message stating that the pages are missing was returned. I have absolutely no idea what the issue is here... Maybe an index problem.


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