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E5470: unable to install Monterey


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I meant where in the config.plist does the choice of the correct Airportltlwm.kext executed. Both Airportltlwm.kext are enabled.

I follow Dortania’s install guide, was able to make wifi work but not Bluetooth. With your EFI both wifi and bt work. I’m not able to identify how you can make bt work fron your config.plist. Can you explain your approach to enable bt?



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it's in the minKernel/ maxkernel declaration

BS kernel version is 20.0.0 to 20.9.9

Monterey starts at 21.0.0

Same for Bluetooth kexts

Bluetoothinjector supports up to BS but crash for Monterey, so BlueToolFixup.kext is use instead.

So setting the maxkernel for BTinjector to 20.9.9 will prevent it from running in Monterey.

And setting Bluetoolfixup to run starting at minkernel at 21.0.0 will only load for Monterey.  


Hope that's somewhat clear.

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