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Intel Advanced-N 6235: Bluetooth is not working


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I recently installed Monterey on Dell Latitude E6440, progression so far (main issue so far bluetooth):

1. I was able to upgrade Big Sur to Monterey!

2. The EFI file link here.

3. I was able to fix the picking list issue via opecone and run test showed me that I'm missing some files, and it ran well!

4. Wi Fi works, sounds, and camera work, I gave up on DW1550, and I reinstalled original card which is Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235, Dual Band, I also kept the BCM94360CD card, however only one cards shows now, while with Big Sur both cards showed and worked nicely including bluetooth and airdrop!

5. Bluetooth doesn't work, I followed both dortania guide, I was able to see bluetooth goes on, but when I connect my iphone, I get error message on my iphone saying (I also reset both devices to see if it helps, in addition I reset the bluetooth itself:




When I disable the suggested kexts in dortania, the system won't proceed beyond the login screen! So I enabled them!

I have two cards installed:

1. Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235, Dual Band,

2.BCM94360CD card

The reason that I kept both because in Big Sur, if I remove one of them then the bluetooth won't work nor the airdrop!


I attached the EFI, if you see any thing with the bluetooth setting that I can fix, please let me know! 



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I really can't see why you'd keep the Intel card alongside the Apple BCM94360CD which is 100% supported OOB. In addition, having 2 x cards that basically provide the same type of services really is a bad idea. I suggest you remove the Intel card and all add-on kexts/ACPI patches/config settings you have in place for wireless and bluetooth. You do not need anything with the Apple card.

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Hi Hervé,


As I said, because with Big Sur, Broadcom BCP94360CD  did not activate bluetooth unless I have the intel card, and the same stands true with Monterey! I know because Monterey did not even recognize intel card, with Broadcom BCP94360CD recognized there is no bluetooth!



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Ok, something's lost in translation here because what you write does not make much sense.

  1. Being a piece of Apple hardware, Broadcom-based BCM94360CD remains supported OOB and 100% operational in Big Sur and Monterey, i.e. without any sort of particular settings or add-on kexts. At the risk of paraphrasing you, I know because that's what I use in my Latitude E6230 running Big Sur. It also worked 100% and OOB in Monterey during the short time I tested that version on the E6230.
  2. Of course, your BCM94360CD does not need your Intel card to be installed for its Bluetooth module to work, that really goes without saying. What you experience must obviously be a conflict of some sort due to hardware competition and/or incorrect settings, either in your OC config and/or BIOS.
  3. You can only expect one card to provide the wireless and/or Bluetooth service(s), not both cards. I remember that, when I had my Latitude E6440, it came fitted with an unsupported (at that time) Intel combo Wifi/BT card that I kept in place despite adding an Atheros wireless-only card into the 2nd mini-PcIe slot. Bluetooth was enabled in BIOS and, obviously, could only be available from the Intel card. I found that it was natively but only partially supported in OS X (very limited functionalities) and came to complement the wifi service offered by the Atheros card. In that situation, I got wireless through the Atheros card and Bluetooth through the Intel card, there was no conflict.
  4. If you have competing hardware that offer same services, you'll experience conflicts. Not so much for wireless here because the Intel card needs specific drivers when the Apple card does not, so as long as you do not install the itlwm drivers, you'll be Ok. For Bluetooth, things are different because the technology is not PCIe based but USB based and the chipsets fitted to the cards may be natively supported by macOS. In addition, when Bluetooth's availability is controlled through BIOS settings, this usually applies to the hardware fitted into WLAN slot or the built-in module. For instance, in my E6230 (and it was the same for my E6220 when I still had one), if I enabled Bluetooth in BIOS, it applied to the small DW3xx modules and I found these could take precedence and overcome my BCM94360CD cards.

Again, I strongly advise you to remove your Intel card and all add-on kexts/ACPI patches/config settings for wireless and Bluetooth. Also check your BIOS settings for Bluetooth. If you insist on keeping your Intel card in place in the WLAN slot (but I can't see any valid reason to do so), make sure Bluetooth is disabled in BIOS and you should then be good to go with all wireless and Bluetooth services available and operational through the Apple BCM94360CD. BIOS Bluetooth settings apply to what Dell sometimes refer to as "internal module" and, in your particular case, you may want to keep it disabled to avoid all possible confusion and hardware conflict (it'll basically disable the USB functionality of the WLAN slot). Afaik, the BCM94360CD will still provide you Bluetooth services with the option disabled in BIOS.


One word of caution with regards to Monterey: despite the use of Apple hardware, Bluetooth may still be a little glitchy/buggy in Monterey but it's something specific to that version of macOS and, if it's been more or less fixed on real Macs, things remain a little itchy on Hackintosh systems. You can read it all on the various Hackintosh forums.

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