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E7270: Clover can't see installation partition on USB stick


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Hi all,

I've been carefully following Hervé's guide for getting Monterey on my E7270, but I can't get the Clover bootloader on the USB stick to see the "Install macOS Monterey" partition. The alternatives shown are just an old Windows installation, and now when I've completely wiped the disk, there's no boot options at all.


Edit: OK, some more googling and it might be caused by HFSPlus.efi missing from the drivers on the stick. I'll give it a try.


Edit #2: That worked, sort of. I installed the HFSPlus.efi UEFI using Clover Configurator and it boots, but slow. It's been half an hour now and it's only halfway along the progress bar on the black boot screen.

Perhaps this about adding the HFSPlus driver should be in the guide as well, for us newbies. 🙂



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True, I need to add that HFSPlus module should be manually added with later versions of Clover. It's just that it used to be included before (not any more) and, in my case, I updated Clover from previous versions so the (old) module remained in place.


You got to make sure you use the correct version though, it's kinda faint in my memory but I think I remember about one HFS driver being preferable to another which could cause slow boot (something like Apple vs non Apple maybe, I've forgotten). So it really depends where you got yours from. I've added the original Clover module to the guides.


Edit: re: slow driver, it's something along the lines as detailed here.

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Just wondering ,  why not utilize included Clover r 5141 driver option  VboxHFS  driver instead addition HFSplus driver ?

also after complete the installation ,   only  boot  from  "preboot " , does it normal ?

 @Hervé Thank you for comprehensive, detail  and great guide 

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