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E6320: Mac OS won't install


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hi i made an open core efi to install Mac OS on my dell latitude E6320, the problem is everything works fine but the installer won't load, the last thing that does is:

ApplePs2controller: timed out on input stream1

and it goes on spam for like 5 times and then the non accessible logo and glitched text, like a sort of panic. I can send the efi.


IMAGE 2022-02-22 09:09:22.jpg

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Also post your system's specs, ideally in signature.


Only the Intel iGPU is supported in macOS, not the nVidia dGPU if you have that model. As Jake said, High Sierra is the last version to officially support HD3000 graphics. Patches are available for Mojave and Catalina that allow to run HD3000 graphics in OpenGL mode only (no Metal support) but it's not really recommended, HD3000 graphics being buggy enough when fully officially supported. Forget about Big Sur and Monterey though.


Don't hesitate to consult our E6220 guide in the Guides section.

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