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Chuwi CoreBook X: no battery status


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Hello! I am new to the forum and I state that I am not an expert on hackintosh.


Chuwi CoreBook X specs:

  • Coffee Lake i5-8259U CPU
  • Iris Plus 655 graphics
  • 16GB RAM


I have completed the installation, everything is almost fully functional except the battery indicator. Trying to put different .amls found on the internet in the ACPI folder, Catalina doesn't even detect that I have the battery, and I am unable to do complex manual configurations.

Could you give me a hand? I've been going crazy for weeks! Thank you 😉


Then I would have other small problems like the trackpad which is fully functional including gestures, but except the left button which does an action which is not the "main click", and then sleep does not work when you close the lid, but for now, I it matters more than the battery ... if you want to give me a hand even in these two little things, I'd like it: 😃

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@juhyh please post your full system's hardware specifications: LAN, Wireless, audio codec, SD card reader, trackPad model, etc.

An indication of the boo loader and bootloader version you've used would also be most useful. Add to that a zipped copy of the bootoloader EFI that you currently use.


Without these, it's impossible to provide assistance.

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Hi, thank you for your timely reply. Here you go, I apologize in advance for my bad English!




Hardware specs:

  • CPU: Intel® i5-8259U (Quad-Core), up to 2.3 GHz. Turbo up to 3.8GHz
  • RAM: 16GB LPDDR4
  • Graphics: Intel Iris Graphics 655
  • Display: 14", IPS, 2K (2160 x 1440)
  • SSD: Kingston 512GB eMMC5.1
  • Wireless: Intel AC 7265 802.11ac + Bluetooth® 4.2
  • LAN: ???
  • SD card reader: ???
  • Audio: ???


EFI.zip FILE.ioreg.zip

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@juhyh Re: battery, your EFI shows no kext for battery management; that's required. Try this one:



Copy the unzipped kext to your kexts folder, add it to your existing OC config and reset NVRAM when you reboot.


A few additional comments:

  • until you identify your LAN card model, I don't think you need the 3 x Ethernet drivers you've included: AtherosE2200EthernetRealtekRTL8111 + IntelMausi.
  • you probably don't need XHCI_unsupported either.
  • in the same respect, AirportBrcmFixup is for Broadcom wireless cards. You have an Intel card, so that kext is not required.
  • you inject AppleALC for audio and therefore require to identify your audio codec so that you subsequently inject the appropriate layout. You won't have any working audio until you do that.
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