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Wifi Suggestion for Latitude 5590


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Hi All,


I'm looking to get a replacement card that works with Monterey. I think the DW1560 or the 1830 will work (I believe I have A key). Are there any gotchas with these cards so I don't get the incorrect one? I think the DW1830 should fit but some people were complaining about disconnects from wifi in the XPS 15 laptops. I would appreciate any suggestions. Not looking to break the bank as I don't need super speed (currently have a DW1820 which is not compatible). 



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I purchased this off of Amazon to see if it would work in my WWAN slot. It seems to be off and won't go in. 




The description says it's M.2 and I believe the WWAN slot is also a M.2 in my 5590. I would assume you don't need to cut off the E key


This does fit in the WLAN slot.

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You need to Google about M.2 slots; they're of different types with different keys (A, E, A+E, B, M, B+M) and for different usages: WLAN (typically A&E key), WWAN (typically B key), NVME/SATA (typically B&M key), etc. Meantime, you may look at this: https://www.delock.de/infothek/M.2/M.2_e.html


Your adapter board can only go in your WLAN slot where your current Wireless card is.

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