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Why people pirate copy..


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I was just reading an blog post about pirate copying and decided to read a couple more, and i just can’t help be amazed about how freaking stupid the large organizations is, so let me help you and write a quick list for you.


Why does people pirate copy:


(Note, i am not saying that i pirate, simply stating the reasons)


1. We dont want to want to wait 3 months for a movie to come on a DVD when its been in the theaters

2. High Price, 200 SEK for a movie that you dont even know is good – is not worth it

3. Why do we have to buy a media to see a movie – how is that in anyway helping nature ?

4. Its time consuming to go and buy a movie vs. just downloading it..

5. Some times its impossible to find a place to buy the movie or serie you want to see – downloading it the only option.. eg Startrek ?

6. Prices is not adapted to local pricing.. eg. a DVD sometimes cost the double in sweden as what it does in USA


Why is it so hard just to make ONE online movie service where you can rent and see everything and make sure that everyone can use it.


It escapes my mind why companies can’t get this into their thick skull, it does _NOT_ help to hunt down pirates and send them fines / send them to jail.. try solving the problem instead punishing people.. after all.. the people you punish is your customers..


What do you think ?

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I agree that some TV shows that are hard to find to buy legitimately are sometimes easier to just download but I also think that's why TV/movie companies are getting more involved with things like Netflix and iTunes, we pay $8.00/mo for Netflix and it has a ton of shows, some even in HD. I won't pay for HULU + because we really don't need it. . .

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I have been watching this topic for the last year or so and am subscribed to torrentfreak.com and I read every other day about someone getting sued, lawyers making get rich quick schemes, etc. and what bothers me the most is Hollywood sinks millions into the politics to get the "net" to change because they won't. It does amaze me how Hollywood is changing the way the internet operates, from changing Google search results, to blocking sites, etc. It seems so simple to the public...give us what we want and we will follow...they would much rather bank in on DVD sales and because of this, they don't want to put anything online until their money has been made. But they can't seem to see that Hollywood is losing this battle...time to act like the rest of civilized society and change with the technology.

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