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How can I remove an unwanted menu bar icon in macOS Ventura?

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No, it's not for an SD card. In Ventura, SD cards appear as memory card icons on the desktop just as with previous OS X/macOS versions. They're considered as storage devices, just like USB disks or USB keys:



@Hecatomb This menu bar icon usually is for an ExpressCard (54 or 34). See this thread where ExpressCard USB3.0 controllers were discussed. Can't remember if he same applies to USB-c devices (other than USB-c disks/keys of course). Post a zipped copy of an extracted IOReg (using IORegistryExplorer App) and of a saved System Report. It's probably some other odd piece of hardware on the motherboard.


I've recently read somewhere of recent Hackintosh computers that displayed the same behaviour; can't remember if these were desktops or laptops. Anyway, if you have no ExpressCard or PCIe hardware that would explain this, just see if you can disable the option that displays this in the menu bar from System Settings->Control Centre.

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Sorry, don't understand what you mean.


In Ventura, you hide or show such OS-related menu bar icons from System Settings->Control Centre. It's not an app icon that goes away once you close the app. If you've no options to hide/shows this icon in the Control Centre, I'm afraid you'll have to live with it. It'll only go if the hardware goes...


I'm not 100% sure of this but this icon may appear due to some properties you inject in your bootloader's config. I'm thinking specifically about the "unknown" piece of hardware that's listed... You'd have to post a zipped copy of your bootloader's EFI for us to check this out.


What's the issue of having the icon displayed anyway?

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Posted (edited)

when I delete the icon..then it there again after reboot. hmmm yes I think I need to rename path or so...not sure


I will Upload my efi at evening, ok.

I know that the icon normally not the problem, but like to fix it for better optic.


@Jake Lo @Hervé Here are the EFI Folder + io jones registry file


Link to EFI: https://files.fm/u/bzvdz9tkt

MacBook Pro IO Jones data.zip

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@Hecatomb A word of advice when you want to post a copy of your EFI folder: remove the itlwm kext(s). Your EFI has no less than 4 x different copies of it, totalling in excess of 64MB ! You don't need to post that.


8086:15d2 is an Intel TB3 controller; can't say why it gets registered as an ExpressCard in Ventura. No idea what that 2nd PCI device listed as XHCI controller (i.e. USB3 controller) really is, no visible PCI ids. You were asked for a SysInfo extract + an IOreg extract but so far...nothing. I presume previous macOS versions did not register such hardware as ExpressCards. Ventura is only at fairly early beta stage so you may want to consider this a bug...


If you delete the icon by holding [Command] whilst dragging the icon out of the menu but it keeps coming back at subsequent reboot, I've no idea how to remove it permanently if there's no option in Systems Settings to that effect.


Good luck.

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You did not provided the require SysInfo extract. Open System Information from Apple menu whilst pressing [Option], save it as a .spx file, zip it and post it.


Anyway, it's confirmed: it's the Thunderbolt3 hardware. I don't know how or why these get reported as ExpressCards. Possibly a Ventura beta bug...








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