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Problem with brightness in macOS 13 beta 4


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There's no such thing as a GTX 1350 Ti !

If you meant a Turing dGPU like the GTX 1650 Ti fitted to this model of Asus TUF gaming F15, that has no support whatsoever in macOS. You could only run maOS on the Intel CML iGPU. So, until you post your full system's specs, you're wasting your time... and ours.


If you have a CML i5-10200H CPU, you're screwed; its iGPU is unsupported too. See here.


Follow one of the main basic rules of Hackintoshing: https://dortania.github.io/OpenCore-Install-Guide/prerequisites.html#prerequisites


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So it's an i3-10300H Comet Lake CPU with UHD620 iGPU (device id 9BC4) which is natively supported. See the Whatevergreen User Manual. The GTX 1650 Ti is totally unsupported as explained in previous post.


I've noticed a few incorrect settings in your Clover config:

  • I don't thing you need that CpuTscSync kext at all
  • your iGPU + audio property injections are erroneously duplicated. Remove those incorrect custom properties (Arbitrary) of yours, just keep the regular Properties




  • remove the iGPU id faking; as stated above CML id 0x9BC4 is natively supported
  • you should probably use framebuffer 0x3EA50009 rather than 0x3E920000 as per the WEG manual
  • remove those connector patches to begin with, stick to the vanilla settings
  • you'll need to disable your nVidia dGPU to save your battery (-wegnoegpu boot-arg to begin with, patched SSDT thereafter)

Comet Lake (CML) graphics are handled through Coffee Lake (CFL) framebuffers. CFL FB 0x3EA50009 defines the following characteristics:

ID: 3EA50009, STOLEN: 57 MB, FBMEM: 0 bytes, VRAM: 1536 MB, Flags: 0x00830B0A
TOTAL STOLEN: 58 MB, TOTAL CURSOR: 1 MB (1572864 bytes), MAX STOLEN: 172 MB, MAX OVERALL: 173 MB (181940224 bytes)
Model name: Intel HD Graphics CFL CRB
Camellia: CamelliaV3 (3), Freq: 0 Hz, FreqMax: 0 Hz
Mobile: 1, PipeCount: 3, PortCount: 3, FBMemoryCount: 3
[0] busId: 0x00, pipe: 8, type: 0x00000002, flags: 0x00000098 - ConnectorLVDS
[1] busId: 0x05, pipe: 9, type: 0x00000400, flags: 0x000001C7 - ConnectorDP
[2] busId: 0x04, pipe: 10, type: 0x00000400, flags: 0x000001C7 - ConnectorDP
00000800 02000000 98000000
01050900 00040000 C7010000
02040A00 00040000 C7010000

which should do just fine.

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