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[Solved] Dell Inspiron 5480: no Bluetooth on Ventura


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The screenshot you attached in post #1 shows that the Bluetooth module is seen (and should therefore be operational) but that the Bluetooth service has been disabled. Check that out in the BT icon of your Finder's bar or in the BT PrefPane.


Bluetooth disabled:






Bluetooth enabled:






Do compare the version of firmware displayed in Monterey's SysInfo vs. that displayed in Ventura's SysInfo (v0 c0). It could simply be that Ventura does not load the necessary firmware.

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I achieved! Now the bluetooth is working. I always download the kexts updated by hackintool, so I decided to manually download the latest version of the kexts referring to BT and WIFI. I put them in the efi and at boot I reset the NVRAM. and then it worked! Thanks!


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