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Big Sur: no VGA output with UHD 630 & no acceleration with AMD R7 240

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Hi Hackintosher, hope you're doing awesome.

I created a hackintosh machine with opencore boot loader and it has been successfully installed and working fine except for graphic acceleration.


I installed this OS while my dGPU was connected and now I want to remove my dGPU and want to use my Intel UHD 630 iGPU (Because my dGPU is AMD R7 240 which is natively not supported and I'm not getting any graphic acceleration as well.)

But when I use my iGPU via connecting a VGA port (because my HDMI port is damaged) in my MB, my monitor shows "No Signal From Your Device" after the verbose.


I'm pretty sure the macOS loaded successfully but somehow my iGPU/MB is unable to send a signal to the monitor. I've tried "Connector-type-patching" but nothing is working for me.


I need serious help to fix this, please help me out.


My Specs:

CPU: Intel i5 8400 (Coffee Lake)

iGPU: Intel UHD 630



Platform Id: 07009B3E (also tried 00009B3E)
iGPU Device Id: 3E928086

IOReg Report.ioreg System Report.zip EFI.zip Hackintool PCIe Report.zip

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try this patch, see if it'll help



R7 240 can work by spoofing

See here


So to spoof the GPU, we need to find a couple things:

Suitable PCI ID for the GPU

ACPI Path of the GPU



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Here's my EFI, my motherboard has a VGA Port and HDMI Port(but it is damaged)

My EFI is below



I'm able to spoof the R7 240 as R7 250X and it is working as well but I'm not getting graphic acceleration (that blur-transparency effect). I've followed many guideds and many device IDs as well but I'm not any result.

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If VGA does not work OOB, don't expect it to work at all; saying that you have to make it work won't make it work... macOS just has no official support for VGA output off iGPUs anymore. There's no known patch to that effect so there you go.


Video patches for 4th gen Haswell graphics is of no use to you and your CFL UHD 630 iGPU. According to the Dortania documentation, AMD R7 240 remains supported up to Monterey but success rate varies according to make and models (you'll have to make some extensive reading and experimenting):



Apart from repairing your HDMI port or getting graphics acceleration working out of your R7 240, the only option you have is installing a supported discrete graphics card. You can get nVidia Kepler cards for next to nothing and these remain fully and natively supported in Big Sur (eg: GeForce GT710/720/730).



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