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840 G3 with Ventura


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Thanks for your reply, i use Brave, and my screen is 2560x1440, and the firsts glitches i see is on logon screen, its like image repetition on the screen during very few time.


Yes i use Ventura EFI.


glitches are on botom pages and on scrolling when images or videos are on page.


Thanks for your time and work.


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Did you set the Video memory size to 64MB in the BIOS?

Maybe try 128. I don't have 2k internal display so can't verify for you. Don't know if it's an issue with Ventura or not since we have to fake the device ID so to be able to install Ventura.

You can test by downloading the Monterey EFI files and install Monterey. See if you notice a difference with the glitches.

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OK i will try and give you feed back (today i reduce in bios video memory from 128 to 64 without change on glitchs).


With 0.8.5 and Big Sur from your site i have no experimented problems. But i will do the test with monterey and start with 64 MB. Thanks again for your replys.

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On 11/29/2022 at 4:06 AM, LVLO said:

Hi all,


I use the Opencore 0.8.5 from Jake Lo. Everything run well but i experimente some gliphs on web pages.


Do you experiment the same ? have you change something to config.plist ?



same problem to mine laptop... it has 1080p screen... have somebody fixed it yet?

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