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10.8.1 on Optiplex 755


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I've got 10.8.1 running on Optiplex 755.

What works: Startup/ Shutdown/ Restart, Ethernet, Audio (with Voodoo HDA 2.7.3), graphics (ATI 5670 partly recognised as ATI5000 delivering resolution of 1680 x 1050 @ 60 Hz)- QE/CI (Chess works), App Store.

What doesn't work: Sleep, DVD player (see below), likely other things I havent found yet, occasional KP's- just run myHack QuickFix and seems good to go.

Install Method: myHack followed by boot fix from here.
I've been trying to only install vital kexts- see here for clues. I used Chameleon Wizard to edit the org.chameleon.boot.plist:

My Specs are: 3GHz C2D, 4GB Ram, ATI 5670.
I've pimped out the system with 4 HD's, by disconnecting the little used DVD and substituting an SSD- although the SSD is propped up on an angle smile.gif The OS's are: a 64GB ssd running ML, a 500GB HD running Lion 10.7.4 (soon to be upgraded to ML), an 80GB HD with a Carbon Copy Clone of the SSD, and a 160GB running Windows 7.

I also got an IR controller from eBay which worked oob - and allows rudimentary remote control of VLC- the main purpose I wanted.

Question for the experts: Hardware Monitor says that my CPU 0 & 1 are running at 1992 MHz, while About This Mac says the Processor is 2.99 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo- which I presume means that the CPUs aren't running at full speed? If so- how to change?

To Do: see if system can be amended to recognise ATI 5670, experiment with DSDT

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks to the Hackintosh community for making this possible smile.gif

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I've got SpeedStep enabled in the BIOS (rev A21).


I notice that Syonagar on this post refers to using the IntelCPUMonitor.kext (Tjmax in info.plist set to 100)- would this be related to Speedstep?


I'm just reading up on p and c states on Wikipedia- I'm guessing that's connected?

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Lookup for SpeedStep and you'll find the explanation for seeing a 2.0GHz operating frequency on your 3.0GHz capable CPU.

Tjmax (max. Tjunction) is a totally different thing. It is the max. T° tolerated by your CPU before it'll auto-shutdown. For CPU T° monitoring tool/app to work properly (i.e. report/display correct readings), you need to specify the Tjmax value of your CPU in the plist file of IntelCPUMonitor kext. Tjmax differs from one CPU family/model to another, so look up for your specific CPU details on Intel's web site.

For Desktop CPUs, Intel seems to provide Tcase info, which differs from Tjunction... A good article on the matter here:

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Thanks for the info. I checked out Speedstep and it seems that the HWMonitor report is perfectly normal.


The next issue I'd like to address is Sleep- at the moment the system powers into some kind of suspended state- on Sleep- but won't wake up.


I've got P&C states and C2,C3, C4 states enabled in org.chameleon.boot.plist


As well as Force HPET (not sure if this is needed), darkwake=0 and Use Kernel Cache.


Also getting some errors and warning on compiling the file extracted using DSDT Editor.


I've included non-compiled DSDT as text file and screengrab of compilation errors and warning in case anyone cares to cast an eye over them.




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Hey, sorry for the delay replying. Had some interesting times after trying to fix crackling sound issue by removing a few kexts. The result was completely hosing the system. Nothing would boot. I thought it may have been a hardware problem. A call to Dell tech support pointed to a bootloader issue (I didn't tell them it was a hackintosh). Out of it all, I learned a new phrase: Problem Exists At The User Level smile.gif

I reinstalled everything from scratch (except for Windows). And mapped the steps for next time.

They are:

1. Install OS X using my hack usb

2. Before reboot: boot into Install usb and do boot1h fix using file on usb (note: this fix was still required although I used myHack install).

3. Install kexts- judiciously. Install default smbios.plist

4. Install voodoohda 2.74 r63 (Audio works well with no crackles)

5. Fix efi strings device properties for access to AppStore (see here)

6. Clone drive using Carbon Copy Cloner (only if you want to make bit-for-bit backup to another drive) and install Chameleon on the other drive using multifail (remember to select the correct drive)- to make it standalone bootable.

7. 10.8.1 update thru Appstore. 10.8.2 update combo. Install AppleACPIPlatform.kext

8. Sleep fix: remove NullCPUPowerMAnagement.kext from S/L/E or Extras, run myHack and reboot.

Note: I'm not sure if Sleep is properly working- probably partially. The fan of Graphics Card (ATI 5670) keeps spinning. But I have yet to get this recognised as more than ATI5xxx in System Properties.

Cheers and good hack smile.gif

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