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HP Elitebook 840 G6: Monterey issue


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Probably far too many inappropriate kexts present. I'd start with a basic set and remove all of the following kexts, adding stuff gradually as/if required:

  • CPUFriend + CPUFriendDataProvider (did you actually tune these for your specific CPU/SMBIOS model? If you didn't, there not suitable)
  • FakePCIID_XXXX (can't seen why you'd need such deprecated kexts on a Whiskey Lake laptop)
  • USBInjectAll (clashes with USBPorts assuming latter is the result of an adequate USB port mapping on the computer)
  • HibernationFixup
  • RTCMemoryFixup
  • IOElectrify (if you need to tune TB ports, I'd do it once everything else works perfectly Ok)
  • Thunderbolt3Unblocker (same, keep that to post-install if it's at all required)
  • UVC2FaceTimeHD (can't see why you'd need that but, here too, keep that for post-install if it's at all required)
  • Airportitlwm (keep that to post-install and make sure to follow the specific guidance posted for Monterey at the ITLWM site)


For the other kexts you keep, make sure to update them to latest version, especially Lilu & associated PlugIns because you're running on older versions right now...


As for the ACPI patched tables, I can only recommend you follow the guidance posted at Dortania, that's quite an extensive set of SSDT tables you got there.


Finally, you only posted CPU+iGPU and SSD specs; I'd strongly recommend you identify the rest of your hardware in order to asses what you need (LAN, Wifi, Bluetooth, audio codec, card reader, etc., etc.).

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