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Latitude 5490 : OC 0.9.0 Ventura - Battery issues


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CPU : i5-8350u

RAM : 24Go 2400MHZ DDR4

Storage : 1 To Samsung 980 PRO NVME

BT/Wi-Fi: BCM94360ng




Thanks to juanpy0223's GitHub repo (https://github.com/juanpy0223/Dell-Latitude-5490-8th-gen), I succeed to install Ventura on my Dell.

Everything is working: trackpad(5 buttons), HDMI (also by USB-C), instant screen wake, card reader…


But I have a very bad battery life experience. During sleep, it seems to keep consuming the battery, but the fans are off, the screen is black and the system is lock.

After a sleep, the battery goes from 100% to 5% in 2 min

During wake, the battery can keep the charge at best during 15 min. I tried to clean my EFI, with no success.


I don't think it's a hardware issue, the healthiness of the battery is at 89% in the BIOS

I hope you can help me with your knowledge to revolve my issue, because it's a good machine running macOS and apart the battery everything is running perfectly.


I post my EFI, with different serials numbers if it's can help somebody with others issues.


Thanks in advance for your time.


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Could be result from all those power-related ACPI patches and patched SSDTs you' re using. Can't say I've seen or used them before on my Kaby Lake R/UHD620 Latitude 7490 when I had it. Why don't you try experimenting without those (SSDT-MethodS3-disable, SSDT-PTSWAKTTS and associated ACPI patches on the OC config)?


I'm also surprised you run with MBP14,1 SMBIOS for that laptop, rather than MBP15,x.

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