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No sound from Edirol FA 66 after update to 10.6.8


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Hi Folks,


I have internal sound card working but not the FireWire one. It recognises Edirol FA 66 in 'Audio Midi Setup' and 'System Preferences,Sound' but it gives no sound in any application I try – apple loops, logic Pro 9.



I installed 10.6.3 with much pain back in 2010 and had internal sound and Edirol FA 66 sound working OK ish. (Firewire sound was a bit pedantic - power on after boot and before Logic Pro 9.)

My time machine image from back then got wiped.

I did have to change machine, but new one has almost identical spec - Only wifi card different, this machine is 1yr older than last and now I'm using BIOS A17 instead of a much older one.


Recently installed OSXLatitude method (again 10.6.3) and the Edirol seemed OK to start with / bit more glitchy than before.

Updated to 10.6.8 and it broke completely :( Although the internal sound works fine still.


I just tried to compare kexts between System Extensions of my 10.6.3 and 10.6.8 but only found one kext with a different date - AudioAUUC.kext. tried swapping this back but no change.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.








Latitude D630, BIOS A17, C2D T8300 @ 2.4GHz, 4GB DDR2-667, HD 120GB 5400RPM SATA-150, Intel GMA X3100, 1280x1024,XBench=75.4, GeekBench=3387, Snow Leopard 10.6.8, EDP v4rev12, BootPack Aug2012.

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Hi folks,


Thanks for responses. OK so I installed soundflower 2ch and 16ch but still no sound. As before, my internal audio works fine, even through soundflower!



So to use the older firewire kext:

- Should I install one of the others from the EDP? (giving them a go now b4 bed)

- Or should I use my snow 10.6.3 disk?

- Errr, which kext should I be trying to replace do you think?


I found the following Kexts currently in place:



























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OK thanks for the info. Google doesn't seem to know the answer to this one :(


Today I tried some of the other kext options in the EDP:


0 = Voodoo 'leppy' = FireWire and SounfFlower intermittent. Internal soundcard dead.


1 = Voodoo 'no injection required' = FW, SF and Internal all dead.


2 = Voodoo 'requires injection' = FW and SF OUTPUT OK (mostly but not consistent!)

But the FW input is dead. Internal card good.


4 = FW dead. Internal OK. (This is the current preferred Kext option for my machine in the EDP)




I found the following(SEE LINK BELOW) so might have to try track down the voodooHDA(0.2.1) they mention:




Maybe I should try off my snow 10.6.3 disc too... Next week.




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OK so I tried some more...


So I changed back to the AppleHDA kext that is EDP preferred for my machine, that's kext 4 in the list.


Then changed the AppleFWAudio.kext to the one an old image I had from 2010.

This reads as the same date but different file size.

? ? How do I tell the revison of the kext? ?

(I will post the kext rev when I can find it)


The outcome is...


Boot with Edirol FA 66 off:

- Internal card in/out sounds good.


Boot with Edirol FA 66 on:

- Edirol FA 66 output works good. Tried several other audio apps and all good.

- Edirol FA 66 input not working :(




So basicaly no sound card swap whilst mac is running and still no input via FW :(


I found some OLDER threads recomending the AppleFWAudio.kext from SDK 26, so will give it a shot.


Failing that, I think I'll put the AppleFWAudio.kext back to how it should be for 10.6.8 and then try to persist with the EDP Kext that gave the best results in my earlier tests:

2 = Voodoo 'requires injection' = FW and SoundFlower OUTPUT OK (mostly but not consistent!)

But the FW input is dead. Internal card good.


NOTES: In general, it's best to set as follows:

- Boot with FW card on.

- Set processor to max (as otherwise Logic shows one proc core always maxed out).

- Clock source (in the Audio / Midi settings) = Mac

- Samples setting in Logic = 512

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