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Dell Latatide D800 installation help


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Actually, the D800 is Pentium M/Centrino based with Intel 855PM chipset, so it runs on Banias or FSB400-Dothan CPUs. Best CPU would be PM 765 at 2.16GHz with 2Mo L2 cache. That laptop uses DDR SDRAM, AGP nVidia graphics and an IDE/PATA HDD controller.

That is getting pretty ancient and, indeed, Leopard is probably the best possible OS X candidate. A quick search showed that this laptop has been successfully hacked on Tiger; that shows how old it is...

I have an Inspiron 6000, a nearly-as-ancient but slightly better model, with chipset 915GM, i.e. support for FSB533 CPUs (which I run as an overclock). I still haven't managed to install SL on it (mostly because I have trouble getting the ICH6 controller supported), so it remains on Leopard 10.5.8.


By all means, have a go at hacking it with ModCD and retail Snow Leopard (ideally 10.6.3). That will use a legacy kernel, i.e. the only supported kernel you could operate on that system. But do not expect much out of that.

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