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Greetings and can someone answer some newbie questions please


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Hi to all,

I am looking into buying either a dell d620 or d630. Can someone please advise which one is the better one to use every day and which version OSX would be the most suitable. Have never tried this stuff before so would appreciate any advice.

Can I use macdriver 8 to format and partition usb? Can this same app copy across the dmg file to usb? Or do I need to find someone with a mac?

Enjoying looking around and finding all this new information hopefully someone can help me with some of my questions. Thanks.

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The D630 is a better machine with improved specifications (FSB speed and graphics for example). Read up the different web site pages for an overview of each model capabilities and the EDP-based installation procedure.


In a nutshell:

. D620 (GMA 950 & nVidia) -> Snow Leopard/Lion

. D630 (GMA X3100) -> Snow Leopard/Lion

. D630 (nVidia) -> Snow Leopard/Lion/Mountain Lion

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