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[Solved] Dell E6440: No Wifi/Ethernet/sleep under Big Sur (OpenCore)


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Putting together a little hackintosh for my son and running into some small hiccups which I hope you guys can help me with. I found an EFI file
that was built for this model and created my USB for Big Sur, mounted the EFI Part an copied the files into it and booted up ( worked perfect ).


Dell Laptop - https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-us/product-support/servicetag/0-c1pLdndLcUpXcDZIVkxHY3VaY3Y5Zz090/overview#

Post - ( EFI File OC_0.6.6_Release.zip )

After that I mounted the EFI on the local drive, copied the files and now im booting fine off the internal hard drive ( sweet )! Everything seems to work except a for the following :


- Sleep ( If I sleep the laptop or close the lid it will never come back unless I reboot )

- Wifi ( had an intel card which I know doesnt work, Ordered a Dell DW1550 )

- Ethernet




The strange thing is it looks like it sees the adapter fine but it will not go active when I plug in a wire, Also the serial # is 000000000 should I fix that or will it only effect iMessage which I dont plan on using..


Any help is greatly appreciate as I continue to research each of these.


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Re: Ethernet, the Latitude E6440 is fitted with an Intel i7-217LM Gigabit Ethernet interface. The certainly was supported, either by Miele's IntelMausi kext (make sure you use the latest version ) or good old AppleIntelE1000e kext. You'l find the former in the Web and the latter in the packs I has posted in my old E6440 guide.


Re: Sleep, it should work as long as you have properly configured CPU power management. With Big Sur, you should no longer have to disable hibernation either.


But, again, unless you post a zipped copy of your OpenCore setup (EFI folder with config file + ACPI folder + kext folder), not much we can analyse and not much we can provide in terms of assistance.

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So replace all the kext files with newer versions? Do I have to copy them into the EFI folder on USB and boot, Then copy to the local EFI and reboot without USB or can I copy them right into the local EFI on my internal disk?


Would that be the process?


Im assuming I can remove the GPU settings, Just have to read up on the process ( so much have changed in the last few years when I last dabbled in these setups ).

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I suggest you read up the Dortania documentation as a general refresher course.

Why consider complicated routes for kexts when all you need is the simplest path? Just make sure to reset NVRAM at OC Picker when you reboot.


Re: HD4600 iGPU, all you need is the usual that's been used for the last 10 years and nothing else:

AAPL,ig-platform-id        0600260A        DATA
device-id                  12040000        DATA
framebuffer-patch-enable   1               NUMBER
framebuffer-con1-enable    1               NUMBER
framebuffer-con1-pipe      12000000        DATA
framebuffer-con1-type      00080000        DATA


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Ill review the documentation provided asap and see if I can figure it out, Its quite the opposite Im not trying to take the more complex routes im just not well versed in the process & trying to keep it simple.
Was hoping if its a common laptop where its been done a ton of times already ( I swear ive read over almost all E6440 posts ) it would just be a matter of, Check this post, or swap this kext and this kext and reboot.


I work in enterprise IT on the troubleshooting side so I get it, I also get that sometimes the documentation can make things seem completely more complex then they really are and why I asked the questions since this is not something I do often.


If this was something I would be doing everyday id have the process down pat as well as where to look etc, this is something I do once every few years and im a bit rusty ( got 90% of the way there already ).
Laptop boots fine just need to fine tune the remaining few issues.


Please dont take any of the above wrong way at all,  I dont expect you or anyone to do the work for me was just looking to save some time or trial/errors if its just a matter of swapping a few files or making a few edits to be 100%.


Thanks thus far!


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If you really want to be on the safe side of things, you may of course try/test your revised setup out of a USB boot key, then apply the proven setup to your internal disk. But we're only talking kexts updates here, not experimentation with new kexts.

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Ahh good Idea and thanks! I pretty much have it down to the following:


1 - Find updated Kexts ( ill research, you stated mine were old )

2 - Fix Ethernet

3 - Fix Sleep

4 - Serial # ( does this only matter for imessage / facetime ) ?


The rest of the stuff is all working and the laptop boots fast & snappy. Battery Percentage / Volume Controls, Brightness, camera etc etc all works.



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I re-read one of your earlier posts where you mentioned "no need to patch fbmem or stolenmem on HD4600 iGPU." is there any easy way to remove these patched settings or a process you can point me to?


Im sure your replys are spot on but unless your fully versed in OpenCore / modern hackintosh's its alot to take in. Im a very technical person so I can follow posts / diy's etc. Those Dortanio docs are very informative
its just alot of reading and learning for a setting I will need to get right once hopefully and then never revisit.

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