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Support for Intel Wifi cards in Sonoma


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Hello all,


I rebuilt my Ventura installation with Sonoma and all went well including Bluetooth. The only thing that is not working at the moment is Intel 8265 WIFI; I'm using the latest Ventura versions of AirportItlwm.kext alongside with Lilu and Opencore. I read here that some legacy Broadcom cards support were dropped but I have not seen mentions of Intel cards. Can someone verify that Intel WIFI should work and if not, steps to fix it? Thank you.

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No change with regards to Intel wireless cards: ITLWM kexts/app remain required (and always will). You'll just have to update to the new versions that support Sonoma. Afaik, it's still work in progress and last official version posted on the ITLWM repo goes back to May. 2023, i.e. before 1st Sonoma beta was even published.


Check the issues page where you'll find beta versions for Sonoma:


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