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can someone explain how sxx, cr_0 and cr0... works on Dell dsdt


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We all now that we have to replace the AppleACPIPlatform.kext after update to 10.7.4 and 7.5, but this can be fixed with a working dsdt.aml

I think there is an memory range issue, because i replaced on PCI0 the _CRS Method and a few other things and it works, but i lost battery status

With a working MacBook3.1 dsdt it also boots


english is not my first language, sorry if its hard to understand

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which model dell is this intended for d630/d830? i see you are using MacBook3.1 dsdt info. so penryn / 965 chipset?


its for D630 with x3100, but forget it

here is a new one witch works on a vanilla Lion install updated to 10.7.5

you only need the fakesmc to startup, install you preferred PS2 kexts, audio and battery kext


its not the final solution, but it works


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