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GUIDE- Acer Aspire Timeline M5-581TG-6666 OSX Mountain lion 10.8.4 - NEW 6/6/2013


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I have successfully installed mac os x 10.8.1 (Update:Now Running 10.8.3 10.8.4) to my laptop but you need to follow my guide to get installing and mostly fully working and if you are smarter and have more knowledge  than me, I welcome you to help me getting it fully working to be macbook killer :)
lets get started.

1- you must have bios version 1.07 or lower(because newer version selecting switchable or integrated graphics option removed :( ). if it happen and you have newer version just download 1.07 and install it and it will downgrade without any problem .

2- make sure to select integreated graphics from bios

3- make bootable USB using this guide(myhack)

4-download my DSDT+SSDT+boot.plist+smbios from attachments. and special thanks to EMlyDinEsH for making DSDT and SSDT for me along with many patched kexts- Dont have DSDT ? click here

5-put it in myhack OS X installer in extra folder

6-tocuhpad driver still in development - I used beta elan tocuhpad v4 kext to get touchpad working during installation - downlaod it from here , touchpad driver is out !

7- replace kext with the attached one to S/L/E = System/library/extensions and remove nullcpupowermanagement.kext

8- Use legacy USB support from multifail to get blue USB 3.0 ports working with normal USB 3.0 speed, this is the only way worked for me.


 Go to /System/Library/Extensions and right click on IOUSBFAMILY.kext and select Show Package Contents then go to Contents -> Plugins and delete AppleUSBXHCI.kext

you will get camera and blue usb 3.0 port to work togethor using this method


New= 9-install IONetworking kext for Ethernet and fixing appstore install error

that's it install mac and then install updates to 10.8.1 you may get errors during installation but that fine .

installing 10.8.2 gave me too much error and panics so that's why I use 10.8.1


Install 10.8.3 combo  install 10.8.4 comob and after finish replace only this kext(AppleACPIPlatform.kext) from 10.8.1 or use my kext from the attachment. + Install patched AppleHDA .

Also added new DSDT with HDMI working with new boot.plist



And dont forgot to donate for EMlyDinEsH  CONTACT HIM AT HIS EMAIL: [email protected]

some pictures:



buy one from ebay



sorry for bad English- its not my mother language


Also I need some guy from the crew to add my files to EDP. I tried so many times but submit button not working,

My EDP files now included check them here

patched kexts.zip

Extra file with DSDT and boot.plist for HDMI .zip



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My Installer:

ML OSX 10.8.2

myHack 3.1.2

multifail 5.2

Use DSDT + SSDT boot.plist + + and patched SMBIOS kexts that I downloaded from the link above


when loading the apple logo, then the screen went black and nothing happened afterwards


whether they like it if you use the ML Retail 10.8.2?


sorry for my english
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