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[Solved] HP Folio G1: Problems after wake up from sleep


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hi I recently bought 2 similar hp laptops

an Hp x2 1012g1 and a hp Folio g1

Both are very similar in specs and same intel 515 card.

I have issues with the folio g1

I have monterey installed in both working fine

Specs are almost identical to MacBook 9,1.

Issue for the folio g1 are that after waking up from sleep Safari cannot play YouTube videos.

Also Hackintosh app hangs after sleep just won't open.

At first I thought it was an efi problem but I tried different ones and different config etc etc but the problem is still there....

On the other hand the x2 1012 g1 does not have this problem.

I have checked bios setting and both have same set up.

I do not know what this problem is happenging???

Im very frustrated about it Never had anything like this before

Any ideas anyone???

I enclose a screenshot of specs and config file I use at the moment



Screen Shot 2023-11-29 at 12.07.35.png


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Try and experiment with other SKL framebuffer layouts. I don't have a MacBook9,1 IOReg dump so can't say which layout it uses.


Other important thing: you're using CPUFriend with its data file; did you make sure the data file was made for your CPU? I'd 1st run without those CPU tuning kexts, jut with basic default CPU Power Management.

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Hi Herve' MacBook 9,1 uses platform id 03001E19 but doesn't work with that.

I tried different config for video also spoofed as kabylake but same result.

Yes cpufriend made for this cpu I just tried with ssd.aml generated from ssdtprgen website same result.

I forgot to mention that videos playing ok after sleep with Firefox

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