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Dell 7300: no bluetooth with Intel 9560


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I just got a new Dell 7300, my old work laptop, converted into hackintosh. Thanks to @Cropester, I used his EFI as a base and everything seems to be working now.


Here is my latest EFI:



I try to keep a tidy github account with my EFIs.


The only thing that doesn't work for me is the bluetooth on Intel 9560 wifi card. Wifi works all good, however I am having issues on bluetooth.

Bluetooth is seen, I can enable it but i cant connect any devices.


Any help appreciated.


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Still doesnt work. It is able to detect the keyboard but not able to connect.


On my other 2 hackintoshes, 1 with Broadcom4390NG and one with an older intel wifi(dell 7280 with i57300U), I am able to connect to this same keyboard.


Could this be related to USB mapping?

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