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problems with d430 waking up from sleep


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Hi I just bought a d430 last week and installed snow on it .


I dont have an extra extensions folder or Extensionsmkkext is it.


This way I can boot in safe mode otherwise I get kp.

Anyway I managed to make laptop sleep the problem is when waking up I get dektop back but top bar is funny colors and mouse does not exsist any more.


I get this both in 10.6.6 and 10.6.7 beta build j850.


I downloaded leon extra folder for 10.6.6 but problem persist

I attach my kextstat in case it helps



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Please try and install EDP 1.5 Final from the wiki.


Do a new build, there is also a guide for that.


If you get KP, then boot in verbose, take a picture and attach it here...


I ll try that I think problem could be the install was a copy from my dell 640m machine running 10.6.6 the reason i bought a d430 is coz cannot make dell 640m with gma950 go to sleep.


I try new install as i have snow leopard install disk If you could point me to the guide in how to use edp would be cool also I tried voodoo ps controller but coz in debug mode after rebooting a few times it went crazy writing numbers etc etc

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Listen up bro, just follow our guides on www.osxlatitude.com .. and follow them to the letter, the you will have everything (except sd card reader and pcmcia) working on your D430.. i'm using one myself right now.. and sleep works fine...

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Worked like a treat


the only thing, vga out to make it work I have to revert to appleintelframebuffer kext from leo and live with a few artifacts


Can confirm also working with 10.6.7 beta (10J850)



keep up the good job :rolleyes:




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after having 10.6.2 on a d430 for almost a year today i noticed your fix for sleep!

i downloaded edp1.5, updated to 10.6.6, followed instructions for sleep fix..

now systems sleep (pulsating power button) on wake i put in dell system password

.. 1st time desktop came back up and straight away i got kernel panic, 2nd time wakes to lots of blue triangles in lines!

any ideas on this?

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