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D620 GMA950 DVI thru d/port docking station


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Hi guys, I wonder if someone out there can help me on this topic.


I have tried on a number of occasions to get the D620 laptop SL & Lion working through DVI (via Dock 2nd monitor) and cannot get anywhere with this.  Lid Open or Closed.


It just goes into sleep mode just before the Login screen.


I have spoken to some others members who have achieved this i think with the D630, but thats a different GPU and spec to mine.


If this cannot be achieved or if someone does has a successful build or thought,  then could you please let me know. Much appreciated.







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Thanks for getting back to me on this one, at least I can stop trying  for now ;)


You mention "still not supported", so is this something that could be in the pipeline. Would be nice.


I have thought about changing my d/port dock to the Dell PD01X version, which allows for a different PCI card (mac compliant?)

Not sure if this may overcome the DVI issue, with a different graphics card to laptop Intel GMA950. Any thoughts would be great?



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Hey guys,


I don't think it's an adapter issue (vga or dvi) as I have the same issue with my D630 w/NVidia graphics, quad boot W7/W8/ML10.8.2/Ubuntu12.10.


I also have tried vga to dvi adapter, dvi cable alone, and lastly vga cable as it's originally configured (which works very well when booting to other 3 OS's).


Everything and all OS's boot as they should with no flags to set before any OS boot. (ML runs flawless)


What clmac means by "It just goes into sleep mode just before the Login screen." is that at boot whether at the apple screen or in verbose, right before it boots to the login screen the Laptop physically goes to sleep/hibernate mode thus also sleeping the monitor.


When my laptop is docked to the station the laptop will completely hibernate (visually confirmed by laptop activity LED's in sleep mode) and power everything down to sleep until undocked and power button pushed, then resumes login.


Anyone have any idea why it does this on the dock station?

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Thanks for your replies and interest guys. If anyone is able to overcome this DVI DOCK DSDT change then great.


Obviously there are more important code changes going on right now, but I for sure would love to see the OSX-Latitude in Digital :)

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