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Facetime issue


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I have tried the fix on the page http://www2.osxlatitude.com/how-to-fix-icloud-appstore-facetime/ and several more i found on the internet such as changing the hosts file, deleting networks and files and rebooting. Using autoupdate for time, changning the serial numger etc. BUT nothing helps. I keep getting "server has encountered an error...." message after Facetime has found my id  with phone number and mail adress as contacts, then when it shall verify and send me a mail... it just jumps back with that message.


I can use iCloud and i am logged in to iMessage, i can not log in to the store i get an error message there also and then as i said there is the Facetime problem, i can not get verified because of an server error. 


Does this work for everyone here or have you solved it in some way?

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