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D830 ML Window lags


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I just installed mountain lion on my D830 with the following specs:


C2D 2,2Ghz

4GB Ram

120GB HDD 7200RPM

Nvidia quadro NVS140(1900x1200)


Everything is working after EDP and running kinda smooth.
But when I grab a Window and move it around like the Chrome browser

it goes kinda laggy. Also when i click the PLUS button the window goes

from big to small very laggy.


Is this normal with this setup? Because i just got the D830 and especially choose the

one with a Nvidia card so i thought it would run smoother.

But my feeling is that the Window movement was smoother on my D620 with Lion installed

on an Intel GMA950 64Mb.


Is there a way to solve this? I already deleted problematic kexts with myhack

and ran the EDP configuration for my laptop.



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Have a look at the article about performance tuning with FakeSMC & SMBIOS on the web site. It may answer your issue.


Re: reported graphics chip, you can simply edit your DSDT with DSDT Editor from olarilla.com. Copy your DSDT table to your desktop and open it with the Editor, extract the .dsl file, edit it with Text Editor (do a search for 8400) and save it. Then compile that .dsl file in DSDT Editor. You'll have a fresh DSDT.aml file on your desktop that you can move to /Extra.


Keep a copy of your current DSDT in /Extra (name it DSDT_bak.aml) so that you can manually load it up in case of problems...

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hey there victoryo,


I've got the exact same system (except C2D 2,0Ghz) and also noticed the sluggish graphics.

First of all i lowered the resolution to 1600x1000. That seemed to improve things a bit.

Secondly i did the fakesmc & smbios technique. Best i could do is to use a MacBook 4,1 smbios without sleepenabler/nullcpupowermanagement/vodoopstates.

Everything still works and to my opinion it feels a bit crisper to respond, cpu throttling is faster and graphics a bit better.

My Gpu is also shown as 8400M gs but frankly, i couldn't care less so long as it works.


I believe it can perform better maybe with a MBP 5,1 smbios but i get kernel panic when i try that.

i think it might be the fact that MBP5,1 used ddr3 memory and different FSB than what i have.

Maybe someone else could advise on this matter?

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The MBP5,1 SMBIOS and SMC id (15" model) works perfectly on D630 nVidia 135m HiRes fitted with T9300 CPU. The specs of the 15" MBP4,1 (T9300 FSB800, 15" 1440x900, nVidia 8600M GT) looked like a better match, yet SMC id of the 15" MBP5,1 (T9x00 FSB1066, 15" 1440x900 LCD nVidia 9600M GT) gave a better performance, especially with graphics clocking.


You 1st need to make sure to choose SMBIOS and SMC ids for Mac models that best resemble your own D830 model. You may find it impossible to match everything within the specifications. With a WUXGA display, try and experiment a bit with the SMC id of a 17" model instead of a 15" model, if that exists. We're dealing with Hackintoshes here, not real Macs, so you can never totally predict what may or may not work with that kind of fine-tuning... In your case, I would try the MB5,1 not the MBP5,1... There was a MacBook 5,1 with 2.0GHz P7350 CPU and GeForce 9400M GPU. That could be a closer match to your own specs.


If your graphics card is reported as 8400M, a little DSDT edit will fix it: it's a simple matter of changing a line of text and recompiling the table. Open up your DSDT.aml table with a tool like DSDTEditor, save the DSL file, edit it to replace the nVidia 8400 string to whatever suits you and recompile the table. Your system will then report the graphics card exactly as you specified it in the DSDT table.

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When we did our tests, the difference between MBP4,1 and MPB5,1 were indeed subtle but visible when pushing on graphics. For instance, we would kick off some HD video on YouTube or play a DVD with VLC, click on the HWMonitor menu bar icon to display GPU clocking, then play a lot with multiple Ctrl-UP, Ctrl-LEFT, Ctrl-DOWN.


At the same time, we were looking at eventual screen artifacts or video stuttering, whilst keeping en eye on GPU clocking.


We felt GPU clocking was ramping up quicker and graphics response was better with MBP5,1. In your case, it may be that there's no difference at all, in which case go with whatever settings look good/best.

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