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[GUIDE]: ASUS N55SL (no Wi-Fi with Centrino) - 10.8/10.9 DP


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It might not be working because I suspect it's wired up to the NVIDIA card on this laptop or if that turns out not to matter, it's because I chose the wrong HDMI-out port number (I guessed since I don't have any HDMI cables) when changing the table in the SNB FB kext. You could restore the original table by running the commands I already posted but swapping $OLD_TABLE & $NEW_TABLE and try the next HDMI port designation (I think I chose 203 [smth. like that] the first time but it may be 503 that's needed)


I've tried everything, and also followed the EmlyDinesh's guide without sucesss, maybe it's attached with NVIDIA as you said. 


I'll test in windows with NVIDIA deactivated to confirm that.

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If it is connected to the NVIDIA card, then you can make the card show up in Mavericks (this may cause Mountain Lion to hang on startup, though) by changing the MSOS function inside the DSDT to store OSVT. (Grab the latest version of the DSDT from the Extra.zip - I changed it to not turn off the NVIDIA card if OSVT is stored.) However, it fails to read the properties off the card correctly (0MB RAM etc.) so the correct values would probably have to be injected manually inside the DSDT (GraphicsEnabler=Yes may work but I haven't tried it).


The NVCAP value can be obtained by running Phoenix Tool on a BIOS image, grepping the DUMPed files for "NVIDIA" and feeding the matching files to NVCAP Maker in OS X until it produces an NVCAP value in hex that you can (after manipulation) put into the DSDT.


I say this because as far as I know, the NVIDIA card in an Optimus configuration can be used for CUDA purposes when both the Intel card and it are showing up, but you may be able to, somehow, get it to take control of the HDMI port (assuming it is actually connected to the HDMI port) in OS X.

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